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Black Friday List

Here you will find a list of items that will be on sale Friday the day after Thanksgiving. These items are worth HUGE pts!! As my walking is still not good enough for me to go and fight the crowds not to mention the fact I just found out today I have to pay 1600.00 to continue my next 3 months of Physical therapy, so that puts a damper on Christmas here. But don't worry I have my sweeps money all saved up ...LOL, I wouldn't touch that for anything in the world.

I am offering the pts on this page as well as any other pts this item may be entitled to. Email me if you need help!

Ok Everything 1.00 to 10.00 is worth is worth 1,000,000 per dollar spent, 10.01 to 20.00 is worth 3,000,000 per dollar spent and and anything over 20.01 & Up are worth 5,000,000 per dollar spent. If its for the kids its x2!

The person with the most Black Friday items sent will receive 10,000,000 Bonus points.
(if you find these items cheaper on ebay or somewhere you can still use these pts if sent soon, must be new to use these pts.)

Stores Items
Circuit City
Bringing Down the House DVD - $12.99
Gameboy Donkey Kong Country - $24.99
Gameboy SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom - $24.99
Gameboy Super Mario Advanced 4 - $24.99
Gamecube Mario Kart DD - $49.99
Gamecube Mario Party 5 - $49.99
Gamecube System with free Starter Kit, 4 Zelda Games, and Demo Disc - $99.99

Thanksgiving DAY

14kt gold 4 pair boxed gift set - $19.99
4 Head VCR - $39.99
All sizes Bed in a bag set - $34.99 (full size for woman's room)
Athletic mens, ladies, boys or girls 6 pair packaged socks - $4.00
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entire Stock of Menís Sweaters (men's small and Large)
Conair 3 in 1 Trimmer - $8.99
Dust Buster - $12.99
Gameboy Advance - $49.99
Home Essentials Can Opener - $4.99
Hotwheels Monster Jam or Raptor Blast Playset - $9.99
Ladies fruit of the Loom 6 pair panties - $5.00 (size 8 bikini)
Oritron DVD Player with Progressive Scan - $44.99
Select Gameboy advance games - $7.99
Xact 2.4 gHz Cordless Phone with Caller ID - $19.99
Radio Shack  
M&M Groovy Radio Blue  $5.00 
M&M Groovy Radio Red  $5.00
M&M Groovy Radio Yellow  $5.00
M&M Groovy Radio Green  $5.00
Memorex Boombox Karaoke  $39.99
Sony Headphone Gift Pack $15.99 
Memorex CD & MP3 Sports Player $29.99 
900MHz TAD with CID  $25.00 
Talking Digital Air Gauge (SKU:23005) $9.99
Companion 119pc auto repair tool set (SKU:30119) $29.99
Companion 34pc Homeowner Tool Set (SKU:30534) $9.99
Craftsman 10.8v drill (SKU:11346) $29.99
Craftsman 12pc Set (SKU:47046/7) $29.99
Craftsman 12pc Socket Set (SKU:34745/6) $9.99
Craftsman 14pc nut driver set (SKU:34552) $19.99
Craftsman 14pc screwdriver set (SKU:47154) $9.99
Craftsman 18pc screwdriver set (SKU:41816) $19.99
Craftsman 18pc socket accessory set (SKU:34551) $19.99
Craftsman 250/500w Worklight with Tripod (SKU:73931) $9.99
Craftsman 3pc adjustable wrench set (SKU:44664) $19.99
Craftsman 3pc hex key set (SKU:46705) $19.99
Craftsman 3pc pry bar set (SKU:43278) $29.99
Craftsman 54-pc fast change driving set (SKU:26393) $12.49
Craftsman 5pc pliers set (SKU:45419) $29.99
Craftsman 60pc Mechanic's Tool Set (SKU:34060) $29.99
Craftsman 60-pc Mechanic's tool set (SKU:34060) $29.99
Craftsman 9pc socket accessory set with bonus teardrop ratchet (SKU:34553/4) $9.99
Craftsman 9pc wrench set (SKU:47044/5) $19.99
Craftsman Stud Finder (SKU:49032) $9.99
Kenmore 12 Amp upright vacuum (SKU:33078) $39.99
Kenmore 9.5 Amp Bagless Vacuum (SKU:23083) $39.99
Apex DVD (SKU:57123) $27.99
Classic CD Boom Box ($10MIR) (SKU:22230) $14.99
GPX Portable CD Player ($10MIR) (SKU:23602) $7.99
Audiovox Car CD Player (SKU:32870) $39.99
Whistler Radar Detector (SKU:50100) $29.99
We don't have
Target :-(

First 500 people in the store get a 10% of Coupon good only between opening and 12:00 am.

Finding Nemo DVD - $9.99
Original Gameboy Advance System + Super Mario Advance 4 - $54.99
Original Gameboy Advance System - $39.99
Special Edition Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD 6.99
Unnamed Dvd Player - $12.99 Limit 2
Video Now Personal Player $35
Legally Blonde 2 SE $11.88
Toastmaster Waffle baker, Can opener, $5
Audiovox CD Boom box OR Personal CD Player $19.77
Asst DVD $12.88 ( Bringing Down the House, Phone
Booth, Sleeping Beauty)
Bratz Slumber Party Collection Doll $16.88
Rio Barbie Ken & Friends $1.97
Uno Attack $13
Motorola 2.4Ghz CallerID corless phone $34.99*
*receive $10 Target Gift card
Girls and boys 4-14 Circo long underwear $5.99
Boys 4-16 licensed char. T-shirts $4.99
Womens Cherokee long sleeve jersey tee $5
Mens Cherokee thermal underwear $4.50
Mens Cherokee Sweater $10
Sapphire/Diamond bracelet $19.99
Memorex CD+G portable Karaoke $38.88

Toys R Us

Friday 6 am - noon specials ONLY!

Fisher Price Medical Kit - $4.99
Fisher Price We Did It Dancing Dora - $14.99
Hot Wheels or Matchbox 20 car set - $9.99
Nikko Radio-Control Sports Cars & Trucks - $9.99
Leapfrog Imagination Desk - $19.99
Apex DVD/CD Player : $29.87
boys athletic works printed fleece pullover : $5.00
boys rustler carpenter jeans : $6.88
Bringing Down the House DVD : $11.00
Eureka upright Vacuum : $33.00
Hot Wheels 6 pack Monster Jam Trucks : $10.00
Matrix Reloaded DVD : $11.00
Men's pullover with hood : $8.00
Nikko radio controlled hummer H2 : $20.00

These are on sale all day!

Crayola Crayon Maker- 16.82
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure asst- 4.77