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******Get 2500 points for entering******
      (Your Point Tallies will reflect any bonuses that you are eligible for)

1. 5000 pt bonus for First Box received - Penny

2. 2500 pt bonus for First Envelope received  - Penny 

3. 3,000 pt bonus for First box from your state -  Penny CA, Tammy MO

4. 1500 pt bonus for first Envelope received from your state - Penny CA - Elizabeth TX- Kim - CT, Rose - Mo
8. 5,000 points if you were involved in my last sweeps (one time only) 

9. 2500 pts if you refer someone to my sweeps and they send in physical entries (they must email and let me know who referred them) Kim-2, Rose-1

10. 10,000 points for Your One Stop Savings Site. We offer Coupons, refunding, women's & Children's Health Boards, Games, Contest, Freebies and Tons More !! (must be a new member and be active on the forums) 

11. 10,000 Pts for every 5 envies you send (Must mark your tally sheets with #1, #2 etc) Add 10,000 pts to your tally sheet on the 5th,10th etc envie.
(this way I don't forget)
Penny/3, Elizabeth /7- Sue/1- Kim/1- Rose/6

13. 10,000 Points for every 3 Ebay items you win. On your third win please add to your tally #3 Ebay purchase 10,000 points. (this way I don't forget) PennyB-16, Tammy-1

14. 25,000 Points for every 3  items you Purchase off the Internet page. On your 3rd  Item you Purchase off the Internet page please add 3rd Internet  purchase 25,000 to your tally.
(this way I don't forget) PennyB-9, 

15. 20,000 points for every 10.00 in Cash or Gift Certificate you send.
Please add this to your tally.