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All items on this page must be mailed no later than December 18th, anything mailed after Dec 18th will not be awarded points and will be considered a

Everything Here is now 1/2 the points shown!

Points Bonuses  Item Condition
18,000   Box Glass Balls (Maroon or Gold)   New
10,000   Set Lights (Multi Colored or Clear)   New
4,000   Box Christmas Cards   New
3,000   Old Ornament   Used
12,000 x2 Pack Victorian Ornaments   New
3,500   Character Ornament   Any
1000   Can Fake Snow   New
8,000   Any Snowman Figure (no tiny ones)   Any
10,000   Any Santa Figure (no tiny ones)   Any
25,000 x2 Christmas Mantle Garland (x2 if decorated)   Any
12,000   Christmas Cloth tablecloth   New
12,000   Christmas Cloth Napkins   New
100,000 x2 Christmas yard or roof decoration   Any
14,000   Christmas Mailbox cover   Any
60,000   Christmas Dinner table Center piece(x2 w/candles)   Any
12,000   Stocking (Maroon or Hunter Green Velour)   Any
45,000 x2 Animated Christmas Character   Any
10,000   Roll Wide Ribbon (Gold or Maroon)   New
20,000   Tree Top Angel   New
15,000 x2 Each Roll Christmas Wrapping paper   New
8,000   Each Bag of Bows   New
5,000   Each pack of Self Sticking Name Tags   New
5,000    Each Roll Scotch Tape   New
3,000   Each Dollar store Stocking   New
10,000 x2 Each Stocking Stuffer (Child or Adult)   New
3,000 x2 Each Large Christmas Gift Bag   New
20,000   Each Mantle Stocking Holder (Brass or Glass)   Either
1,000,000   Christmas Theme Queen Sheet Set   Either
2,500,000   Christmas Theme Queen Comforter    Either
500,000  x2 Christmas Door Wreath   New
10,000   Ea. Box Candy Canes (no peppermint)   New
600,000   Each Christmas Towel Set (bathroom)   New

**** Items will be added and removed from this page as needed.


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