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    Big Brother the Sweepers Way!

We have 11 Sweepers in this sweeps so far so for 6 weeks we will have a new competition. The Competitions will consist of a list of items to send in (Cheap items~ Most can be put in an envie)
The person to send in the most competition items each week will get to add 5 items to the Competition list to for everyone to send in, And you'll get to choose one other sweeper to evict from the next weeks competition.
Each Competition item you send earns you 3,000 pts but if its a competition item that you added to the list you will receive 7,000 for them.
The person @ the end of the 6 weeks competitions that has sent the most items will have they're total at that time Tripled!
The person that has sent in the largest variety of competition items will have they're Total at that time Doubled and...................
If someone sends in 1 of each competition item will have they're total at that time Tripled as well.
 Each weeks Winner will be announced in the Sunday Email Update!
And I may even throw in some surprise Prizes throughout the Game!!!! You never know what this game will hold in store!!
The same person can Not be evicted two weeks in a row.
You can not add things like Rubber band, it would have to be a bag of of rubber bands or a box of paper clips (not a single paper clip)
You can only send 3 of each item per week.

The Competition List!
The list will start out with 100 items.

Gel Pen Mechanical Pencil .05 Lead Refill
Bic Lighter Free Coupon Coupon Insert (Current)
Coupon from wish list Candle Tart Quarter
Pk. Hot Chocolate Single Serve Box Cereal Snack Cake
Candy Bar Padded Envie .37 Stamp
Pk Easy mac Pk. Pop Tarts Small Bag Chips (Single serve size)
Pk Cigarettes (no menthol) Trial/Travel Size Item (shampoo,tylenol,Qtips,etc) Purse Pk Kleenex
Purse Pk Baby Wipes Can Vienna Sausage Single Serve Can Vegetables
Can Beanie Weanies Single Serve Can Pringles Bar Soap
10 Sheets Printer Paper Sheet Return Address Labels Printed with my name, address and Email address 10 Self Stick Envies
Sheet Stickers 4th grade Reading Book Box Animal Crackers
Roll Scotch Tape Sheet Xmas Name Tags (sticky) Bag Xmas Bows
Roll Xmas Ribbon Halloween Spider Webs Tube Halloween makeup
Current Refunding Magazine Toothbrush (kids or adults) Roll 35MM film
Pk Brown Gravy Mix Box Instant Pudding Pair New Socks
New Makeup Item 1.00 Toy (dollar tree is fine) Wash Cloth
Dish Cloth Powder (any brand ~ Full size) 4th grade Workbook
Hair Brush Rubber Stamp Ind. Bag Cookies
Ink Pad (any color) Bottle Peroxide Pillar Candle
Flashlight Tweezers Pencil Sharpener
Eye Glass Cleaner Trial size box Gal. Ziplock bags (10ct) Beef Jerky
Beef Stick Pk Bubble Gum Hair Scrunchy
Roll Toilet tissue Dollar Pk Post It notes
Steno Pad Steak Knife Paring Knife
Whiska's Pouch Box Mac & Cheese Pk Kids Tattoo's
Pk Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Chap Stick Q-tips (full size)
Pk AA batteries Juice Box (Any brand or flavor) Single Serve Sunny D
Blank VHS tape Bottle Season Salt Box Mint Oreos
Pk Balloons Box Tic Tacs Silly Straw
Complete Refund Deal Cigarette Coupon (30 day expiration) Visine
Box Band Aides Skintimate Individual Pudding Cups
Pk Index Cards Bottle Rubbing Alcohol Bottle Formula 44D
Box Jr. Tylenol Cold (any brand) Pk Fig Newtons Can Hair Spray
Can Kraft American or cheddar Cheese ADDED by Kim
Tea Light Candle
ADDED by Kim
Blank Cd-R
ADDED by Kim
10 Paper Plates
ADDED by Kim
Hersey's Wrapper

ADDED by Kim
Sheet Photo Paper

Box Paper Clips

Bag of Rubber Bands

Sheet of Blank Address Labels

Pack of Football cards

Scrapbook item (scissors, sticker sheets, die cuts)
ADDED By ? PennyB

5 sheets of blank, prescored greeting cards with envies

ADDED By ? PennyB

3 pks. of Toe warmers

ADDED By ? Penny B

2 pks. of hand warmers

ADDED By ? Penny B

5 inscet repellent towelettes

ADDED By ? Penny B

2 Ivy screen towelettes


Oh did I mention that you also get list points for these Items?? LOL

Well you do! Send one of these items and get list points too, so be sure to check the Earn pts page and see if the item is listed there also.

(Please put all your competition items on a seperate piece of paper with your game total as well as list them on your regular tally if the item/items are on the earn pts page!)


You have found 10,000 pts
Member Who is Evicted this week Number of Competition items received 
Sue She didn't choose anyone 8  (10/2)
Kim Sue 10 (10/11)
No winner No one 10/19
Tammy  No One 45 10/26
Sue Tammy 22 11/2
Penny B Rose 129 11/9

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