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Early Birds

Our Early Bird Phase will run from Sept 7th until Sept 20th. This page will disappear after the Early bird phase is over.    You must postmark your early bird packages and Envies no later than Sept. 20th.

1. First Box received will be Tripled! ~*~Elizabeth~*~ Had the first box here

2. First Large Envy received will be Doubled!

3. First Regular Envy will have 10,000 pts added! ~*~ Elizabeth ~*~ Had the first Envie here!

4. Each additional Box will Doubled!

5. Each additional Envy will have 5,000 pts added!

6. 2,500 For Entering Sweeps! (these are additional to the regular 5,000 for entering)

7. The person with the most pts at the end of the Early Bird Phase will have they're pts at that time doubled!