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Items to Heavy to Mail
All items listed here would be to heavy and costly to mail. So if you would like to purchase one or more of these items you can mail the money to me with a list of what it is for and I will get the item/items here so you don't have to pay shipping. I have listed the prices that I pay for each item and I will pay the sales tax. If you have a valid coupon to send with the money for the item/items please do so and deduct the coupon amount from the price. (I can double up to and including .50)

Everything on this page is 20,000 pts per $$ spent.

Items Cost
Whiskas Cat food 8.49
Alpo Dog Food 8.79
Clorox Bleach 1.39
Cheer Liquid 4.69
Dawn Dish Soap 1.39
Bean Bag Chair 19.98
Foot Stool with Storage 23.48
Wall Shelf (Long) for kids room 14.95
Entertainment Center for kids 32.76
Desk for Kids room 27.98