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Welcome to my Santa's Coming Sweeps
Sweeps Rules


**** Please NOTE:

Any items Purchased or won on e-bay need to be sent directly to me.

I must have an email confirmation from the site showing you have paid for the item and it is being sent to me. 

Send all Entries to:

Laura Gibson
277 Jordan Rd
Sparta TN 38583

(Note: All Entrants must be 18 years of age or older! )

(I ask that No other Sweep Hostess or Host use my idea's without my permission. I work hard on designing and  coming up with new idea for my sweeps and really don't want my ideas on every ones sweeps. So if you see an idea or something on my sweeps that you would like to try in yours, Please ask first!)

( Want to hold a sweeps, but have no idea how to put your sweeps on the web? Then you have found the right person! Email me if you would like to have your sweeps designed and maintained by me. )

Copyright ©  2003 Laura Gibson    


Welcome to my Santa's Coming Sweeps
Super Special Click here !!
I have added wish list pages for each member of my family. To find these pages please click on the WishList button to the left. 

This sweeps will is going to run 4 months and let me tell you, The prizes will soar!! There is no limit as to how high the Prizes can and will go.

This sweeps will run from Sept 20th to Janurary 20th! That is 4 full months to rack up points and watch the prizes soar.  Trust me the Prizes will go UP and there is no limit as to how high the prizes can go.

Throughout the sweeps we will go through 3 Holidays, so be sure to keep your eye on each Holiday page for MEGA pts.

I am a SAHM of 3 son's (Ages 17, 16 and 8) and wife of 13 years. We have lived in Middle TN for the past 5 years and absolutley love it here.
I have been couponing for 6 years or so and have been holding Sweeps for the past 3 years and have become totaly addicted! LOL



Email Me!!


Weekly Updates:


Good Day All, 

WOW where did the time go? 
There are only 9 days left to get your entries postmarked!
SO be sure to get your entries together and lets see who can take the lead.

ALL bonuses are good until the end of the sweeps;

EVERYTHING on the sweeps is x10 (some things may have another multiplier next to it,
but you'll just have to take a peek at each page to see)

All Internet items are x 6 (you get x6 instead of x10 on items on the internet page)

I need mini Blinds ya'll and has then for 2.99 each so I am giving 1,000,000 pts each
for them. Here is what I need;
Click Here
1" High Gloss Vinyl Blinds $2.99 36" Need 3 in Green
1" High Gloss Vinyl Blinds $2.99 46" Need 3 in Green
1" High Gloss Vinyl Blinds $2.99 30" Need 2 In Green 

Don't forget to Double and/or Triple your end total soon :)

I have updated the entire sweeps so be sure to check out and get your free game points.
I will look for some BIG points items as we near the end to help ya raise your total. :)

Our letter this week is A x 6
Our Color this week is Blue x 5
Both x30
Let me know you read this for 10,000 pts.


Hi all,
We have 16 days left in the sweeps, Whose going to take the lead.... it's anyones guess. Just think $300.00 in the mailbox of the winner... Soon!
Before we go any further with the update, I want to show all of you a new site I have put together. This site is dedicated to Personal Contests, Be sure to check click on the forums link :)
Now back to our update!
This week I want you to Choose any item on the sweeps to x25 (does not apply to Sample or Upc's)
Our letter this week is D
Our color this week is Green
Letter = x3
color =x5
Both = x15
I have updated the everything on the site!
Thanks Tammy for the waffle iron, I love it!
Dont forget to get your end of sweeps double and/or tripled.
So far Elizabeth has doubled and tripled her end total,
Penny B has tripld her End total &
Rose has Tripled her end total.
Also be sure to double or triple your entries, especially if they are LARGE point tallies.
If you have something you want to send that is not on the Sweeps, email me and if I can use it we will work out a point value.
This week all Grocery items that are on the sweeps is x 30
All Cleaning or HBA items on the sweeps are x 20! (Dont forget this is not shown on the sweeps site)
Dont forget to email me your tallies :-)
One more thing;
If you havent checked out and joined the new sweeps, check it out now. The early bird phase starts in 3 days (Jan 7th)
Have a Great week and email me with any questions you may have.
New sweeps
(I read it = 20,000)




Hello All,


Well I am finally starting to feel better, let me tell you… if you get this flu bug I feel for you! It is absolutely horrible L


We got our first sticking snow this week, not much just a light dusting but the porch is still covered, I can’t wait to get more, I love the snow! J


Christmas is only 18 days away!! Whose ready?? Not me I still have a few things to get.


We have chosen our families to adopt on pc so anyone that wants to send something to our Adopted families here is what we need (each item is worth 4,000,000 each). Girls Size 14/16 she likes Barbie, Bratz, Movies and other little girl things, she is 7. Boys age 14 Size 34x32 and Large shirt, he likes Playstation games, movies, Yu-Gi-Oh and size 11.5 shoe.

Girl age 12 wears a 9 Junior and Large shirt, she loves stickers, Bratz, Mary Kate and Ashley items, Young girls cosmetics. Girl Age 14 months wears a 2T and likes babies, Barney, teletubbies, Clifford the big red dog. Email me for they’re address or you can send to me, but I have to have in time to mail the 17th. J


I am so Excited I finally got Jason his Gameboy Advance (got him the SP version he is going to be so HAPPY) But now we need Games, so Any GBA games are worth 8,000,000 this week.

To top it off this week any GameCube Game is also worth 8,000,000 pts. J  I got Greg a new Stereo so he needs a NICE pair of Stereo Headphone (not the little ones for the portable CD players) this week I will give 8,000,000 pts for these.


All boxes mailed this week are tripled so get your boxes in J

All Envies this week are Double so get your Envelopes in J


Your Color this week is Blue

Your Letter this week is G

Letter = x 4

Color = x3

Both = x15


I have updated the site except the Read it pts have not been added in yet, but I will get it done today J


Be sure to check the ebay page, there are big pts there and a lot of cheap items, this is the last week for Ebay bonuses! After this week all ebay items will remain at the regular points that are on the page. J


Ok Ladies send me your tallies J

Lets see some Points soar.


OMG I almost forgot send a surprise item (something not on the sweeps) for 1,000,000 J


Have a Great Week and If you have any questions at all feel free to let me contact me J



P.S. Ya’ll need to get over to Pocket Change and get entered into the Christmas contest, all you have to do is post on the Online deals or Online Toys forums J


(I read it = 20,000)



 Good Day all,


I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas!!


I have updated the sweeps and added to the Ebay page.


We only have 3 weeks and 2 days left to get all entries postmarked, so now is the time to start raking in the points.


Don’t forget out Grand Prize is up to 200.00 and CAN go higher!!


This week your color is Blue and Letter is P!


Color = x 6

Letter = x 10


Both x 60


I found $1.00/1 Kellogg’s coupons yesterday at Kmart on the Kellogg’s Cereal boxes and will give 100,000 pts for each one of these coupons you send me! I will also give 100,000 pts for each Pepsi 12 pk or Pepsi cube coupon!

I am offering 200.000 for any 1.00 off beef or chicken coupons. All coupons need to have at least a 3 week expiration date!


Here are a couple items I found on sale at Amazon I could really use ~  I don’t have a skillet anymore that doesn’t stick!

Anolon PRO 7-1/2-Quart Everything Pan ~ 8,000,000 pts + Earn page points of 200,000 pts x 10 + any other bonuses or pts that apply.

List Price: $180.00
Price: $19.99

Qualifies for free super saver shipping on $25


Calphalon Commercial Hard-Anodized 2-1/2 Quart Shallow Saucepan with Lid ~ 7,000,000 pts + Earn page points of 200,000 pts x 10 + any other bonuses or pts that apply.

List Price $105.00

Price $17.99

Qualifies for free super saver shipping on $25


Farberware Nonstick Double Burner Griddle ~ 7,000,000 pts + Earn page points of 200,000 pts x 10 + any other bonuses or pts that apply.

List Price:   $60.00 

Price:   $17.99 

You Save:   $42.01 (70%) 

Mail-In Rebates:   $10.00 

Price After Rebates:   $7.99

Qualifies for free super saver shipping on $25


Anolon Classic Deep 12-Inch Nonstick Open Skillet ~ 6,000,000 pts + Earn page points of 200,000 pts x 10 + any other bonuses or pts that apply.

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours 

List Price:   $88.00 

Price:   $15.99 

You Save:   $72.01 (82%)

Qualifies for free super saver shipping on $25


Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 10-Inch International Griddle/Crepe Pan ~ ~ 7,000,000 pts + Earn page points of 200,000 pts x 10 + any other bonuses or pts that apply.

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours 

List Price:   $85.00 

Price:   $17.99 

You Save:   $67.01 (79%)

Qualifies for free super saver shipping on $25


I have also found some NICE Clearance price items at other sites, if you would like the list please email me!! BIG POINTS!!


This week choose any item to x 6

Choose 2 items to x 3


Have a Great week And a Safe New Years!!!!


( I read it = 10,000)


(I will update the games tomorrow)


Have an unwanted xmas gift?? Send it this weeks for 2,000,000 pts. J






Well only 4 days left till Christmas, are you ready??


Hi All,


This week is MY week J All throughout the sweeps I have focused on the kids since this is the Christmas season!! But NOW its my turn, my wish list is x20 this week J


Since I know everyone is running crazy this week cooking, visiting family, etc any box sent this weeks is x 10 and Envelopes are x 6!


All Internet items this week are x10! Lots of cheap items!


Your letter this week is A for x 5

Your color this week is White for x8

Both x 40


Merry Christmas ALL




This year we are staying in for New years eve, just me, hubby and the kids, so anything sent for New years Eve is worth 8,000,000 pts!!

(example: DVD, box popcorn, Board Game, Card Game, Champagne, Wine, Sparkling Grape Juice, etc. You can get all these online if its easier for you)


Well I am going to keep this short this week, I have tons more baking to get to today J


The sweeps Site is all Updated!!


I read it – 15,000




Hi All, 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!
Did anyone go shopping Black Friday? How was it, was is so packed you got run over, 
or did you have to fight to get what you wanted? My mom and I made it to walmart, kmart &
Big Lots. I was able to get a gamecube and video now player in layaway for the kids at wal-mart
and I got Jason a Timex watch that stores phone numbers and birthday's and has 2 games built in it for 
$5.77 at Big Lots. Got Sean a pair Hiking boots for the winter to keep his feetsies dry when carring in wood
for the fireplace in the snow...LOL Got em for 9.99! The crowds were awful at walmart, I got there at 3AM and
there was only one other person there but by 4 or so there were at least 800 people waiting. WHEW !!

There were a couple of you that took advantage of the BIG Bonuses for Catch up week, Nice Job!! I will update pts
when the pkgs are in :)

This week your letter of the week is A
And your color of the weeks is white
Letter x 5
Color x 5
Both x 25

You will find some items for big pts below. 

Any boxes sent this week are Tripled
Anything for the kids for Christmas is x 10
Anything off the Christmas page is x 10
All Food items are x 12
All items from the internet page are x 10

These items have been added to the Earn page and to Sean and Jason's
Wish lists. 
4,000,000 EACH

Video Now Discs (any episode)

Scooby Doo
Fairly Odd Parents
Fear Factor
Jimmy Nuetron
Odd Parents

Video Now Case
Video Now light kit
Video Now headphones


Any GameCube Game (no sports unless skateboarding) 

Big pt items this week:

Gameboy Advance worth 50,000,000 this week ONLY
I desperatley need walmart and Lowes Gift Cards so each 1.00 is worth 4,000,000 if mailed by Thursday this week.

Have a GREAT Week and please be sure to email me with your tallies. 
Lets get the prizes up some more before this ends !! :)


(I read it for 10,000)


Grand Prize is up to $300.00

Hello all,

Guess what?? Catch up week is here!!! There won’t be another so get caught up now!!

** Now is the time to get caught if you plan too! **


I am sure ya’ll have seen the tally page and are going OMG there is no way I can catch up now!!

Well your wrong, this is the week you can do just that!!


But you’ll have to be quick and watch the sweeps site everyday this week as I have some catch up ideas going through my head, and you’ll have to be at the site daily in order not to miss anything!!

This week I will be changing the bonuses daily! For example Monday I may x5 a box of mac and cheese and them take it away on Tuesday, and then x7 it on Friday. You just never know!

So you see you will have to watch the site daily!!


You have to mail your items no later than next Saturday (there will be NO bonuses on Saturday so you can mail without worrying they changed) in order to claim this weeks bonuses, now on you tally you will need to claim all the bonuses for each item in order to be able to get caught up. So here is an example:

1 Box Mac & Cheese 100 x5 Monday bonus = 500 x 6 Friday bonus = 3000 and so on.

You can use your email bonuses on anything it applies to along with daily bonuses.

I may even x?? an entire page and you can use those bonuses along with any others.

Be sure to check each page to claim all points that are available to you along with each pages bonuses.  Who knows you may find that a 1000 pt items is worth 1,000,000 pts or more using all the bonuses.  So be sure to watch the site Daily!!!


Your Letter of the week is B & P (yes 2 letters this week)

Your color of the week is Brown & blue (Yup 2 colors also this week)

Color = x4

Letter = x5

Both = x20


Don’t forget we are working on The Christmas part of the sweeps now and you can win
The person that sends the Most Christmas and Wish list items
Dinner for 2 @ Logan's Roadhouse & Free Movie Rental
Dinner includes, your choice or Appetizer, Entree, and Drink 
(No Price Limit! Eat what you want!)

At the end of the sweeps if you have the most!!


All Boxes can be doubled this week by including 5.00 then you can throw in a required item and double it again. You can do this on ebay and internet items also (must mail your doubler/doublers within 48 hours and let me know you are sending it)


(note: You can mail your items anytime during the week and I can update your tally if you have sent items that the bonuses change if you don’t want to wait till Saturday to mail)


Now how is that for catch up week??


The first box I receive that is mailed this week will be tripled and the second will be doubled. (if more than one box received the same day I will give the tripler to the box I am handed first by the mailman.


Big Pt items this week:

Cereal 1,000,000
Shampoo 1,000,000
Box Snack Cakes (no oatmeal cakes) 1,000,000

Penny B is was our Big Brother winner!!

If you have any questions or need my help with your tally please email or PM me (aim laurancharlie, MSN




(email me your getting caught up this week for 20,000)


As of today I have been walking for 3days, I am trying to walk a little more each day but OMG the pain! But I would rather deal with the pain than not walk! Its just going to take time to get used to using that leg and foot again. LOL
This is the last week to send Items off the Thanksgiving page, so everything there is x20! AND I will Double all Thanksgiving boxes ! Dont forget there is a prize at stake for the Most Thanksgiving items!!
So with that said Let's go ahead and start on Christmas as well, I mean heck we are decorated for it....LOL
All Gift's sent are x8
All Decorations are x2
& All ebay this week are x10
This week you can add 3.00 to your pkg and Double it OR send 5.00 and triple your pkg.
Your letter this week is A x6
Your color this weeks is x4
Both x 20
We only have 5 weeks and 2 days left in the sweeps so start using your bonuses and you will be caught up with everyone within no time!
Your big pt items for the week:
Box Cereal - 1,000,000
Bottle Shampoo - 1,000,000
Box Fireplace logs (you can send 8.76 and I will pick them up) - 7,000,000
Big Brother winner will be announced on thursday I want give all big brother items sent time to get here (I would announce Wed but I will be out most if not all day)
Have a Great Week
(I read it - 10,000)



Hello Ladies,


I Hope everyone had a great week, things were pretty good here,

Besides the fact that it is getting cold!!

 We’re putting up Christmas lights today (well the kids are), Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? I have to admit Christmas is my all time favorite time of the year. I add to my Christmas indoor and outdoor decorations every year. One year I want to take big sheets of Styrofoam and paint it and put it all over the house to make it a gingerbread house, I just have to figure out how to keep it stuck to the house through our winter winds and weight of the snow. But I will before its over with…..LOL

 I received some nice goodies this week, thanks so much ladies!

Lynn took advantage of our 48 hour ebay special, she bought me a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook which I am now collecting thanks to Rose…LOL I love cookbooks and Rose introduced me to Gooseberry patch and I LOVE it.

So far I have the Thanksgiving cookbook and Lynn bought me the unbound Appetizer cookbook. So I have added them to my wish list and welcome any of the others they have. You can find these on Ebay by searching for Gooseberry Patch. I will also continue to list them on the ebay page. J

 Ok lets get to this weeks bonuses:

Letter of the week is T

Color of the week is Red

Color = x5

Letter = x3

If both = x12

 Send a box with 7 Thanksgiving items and double that box

Send a box with 12 Thanksgiving Items and Triple that box

 Any Gift item sent for the boys are x 10

Any HBA item (Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Q-tips, etc) are x8

All Gift Certificates are worth 1,000,000 pts per dollar this week (see Gift certificate wish list)

Don’t forget you can double or triple your Entries by sending in a required item

And Don’t forget you can double AND triple your end of sweeps points by sending a required item.

I am adding another 5.00 Kmart GC to the Thanksgiving Prize. The last day to send items off the Thanksgiving page is November 22nd.

Please let me know what you are sending so I can mark once I get enough of that item, as I have already done on some things I have purchased.

  OMG I almost forgot, Our Pasta Maker Winner is PENNYB!!

he kids loved everything you bought for them.

 Ya’ll don’t forget if you find cheap toys somewhere you can send them for points, I don’t care if they are for boys or girls, we need all the toys we can get for Pocket Change’s Santa board, we will be adopting 4 families for the holidays. I can also use items from Oriental trading for the stockings. (You get Santa board donation pts)

 Ok enough of my jabbering!

Ya’ll have a Great week!

Big Point items:

Jason says : Any Game for 2,500,000 (see game wish list or for games systems we have)

Greg Says: Choose 1 item from his Wish list for 2,000,000

Sean Says: Dvd’s 2,000,000 (see DVD wish list)

(I read it for 10,000 points)


Hi All,
WOW can you believe its already Nov 2nd? Where the heck did the year go?
Oh well this wasnt exactly a good year for us so we are ready for a new to get here soon. LOL
So Only 25 days left till Thanksgiving and 52 shopping left until Christmas!
Ok this week I received several ebay items, boxes and envies. Thanks to all who sent this week. :)
We need to get working on Thanksgiving so everything on the Thanksgiving page is x 15 this week. The person that sends the most Thanksgiving list items by Nov. 22 will receive most thanksgiving prize, 5.00 Block Buster, 5.00 Kmart and popcorn I am adding a $20.00 Wal-Mart GC to this prize.
 So get your goodies in here. Remember if  you dont want to mess with shipping you can go to and order food items resonably.
Penny B is our Most Hallowee items winner!! Congrats Penny I will get your free Huggies Diaper Jumbo pack coupon in the mail to you this week.
Ok so on to the this weeks Bonuses!!!
This weeks Color is yellow
This weeks Letter is T
Color is x 5
Letter is x 7
Both is x 36
All wishlist items are x 10
All even point (200,400, etc) catagories are x 6
Email big pt items:
Box Cereal 1,000,000
Bottle Shampoo 500,000
Dish Soap 250,000
There are only 2 weeks left in our Big Brother Game so get your items in. And please if you win a week be sure to email me right away with what you 5 items you want to add to the list and the name of the person you want to evict for that week. Remember  The person @ the end of the 6 weeks competitions that has sent the most items will have they're total at that time Tripled!
Sue is our winner this week !! Please email asap with your 5 items to add and who you want to evict.
If I get 5 boxes this week I will add 20.00 to the Grand Prize
5 large Envies this weeks add 5.00 to First Place
5 ebay items this week adds 10 to the 2nd place
Monday is the last day to mail or win items for the pasta maker. Remember its the person who sends the MOST clothing items not the most points. Check out Ebay for clothing lots. :)
Ok some sweeps you may want to check out, Kim has a great sweeps going right now, Check it out
Lisa just started her new sweeps with a 200.00 Grand Prizes Check it out
Tell me you read this for 15,000 pts



Hello everyone,,

We have a new sweeps member. Thanks for joining Rose!!
I received an Envie from Kim and Penny C this week, I also received some Nice Ebay items (from Tammy and Penny) & a box from Tammy ! Thanks Ya'll (pennyB I will get your points added for the ebay items as soon as I have your tallies, Hope your having a great time on your trip)

Tammy is our Big Brother winner this week, let me know who you will be evicting this week Tammy, also let me know what 5 items you would like added to the list. 

Ok you need to check each page on the sweeps, This is my official crazy week, my darned hip has hurt worse today than it has since my hip replacement, don't know what's up with it. Anyways it is making me nuts so this week there are HUGE points (some things up to x50) This will be the ONLY time points will be this high so take advantage while you can. I swear you wont see x 20,x30,x40,x50 on my sweeps again, I am just feeling pretty wacked out right now. LOL

All items on the Thanksgiving page is x10 this week since we are now done with Halloween. Don't for get there is a prize at stake for most Thanksgiving items.

I will announce the most Halloween items winner next week to make sure everything is in.

Your color of the week is Blue 
Your Letter of the week is T
Color is x 5
Letter is x3
Both is x 12

Don't forget about the Super Special going on for clothing items, you can win A NEW Pasta maker!!! This ends 11/2.

Be sure to check the site for HUGE points !!

Items of the week:

Carpet fresh 1,000,000
Glade or Wizard Oil Plug in 1,500,000
Box Donuts (Jason's request .. LOL) 1,000,000
Fruit basket (Hubby's request) 2,000,000,000


Hi all,
Can you believe I got this done early...LOL
This week I received 2 boxes from PennyB and an envie from Elizabeth.
Thanks so much ladies we loved it all!
I have a new contest up on the sweeps and it has its very own Prizes!!! Dont miss out!! The link is on the main page, its called Super Special (
You wont want to miss these prizes!!!
This weeks color is purple and is worth x4
this weeks letter is L and is worth x 5
if both you get x 22
This week :
any food items are x10
any cleaning items are x6
Be sure to email me if you bid on anything or if you send something.
The entire sweeps is updated except for the games page, I will update it tomorrow.
Now go check out the new contest, its AMAZING!!!
Have a great week ya'll!!
(I read it = 10,000)



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