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Welcome to my Santa's Coming Sweeps

ONLY 2 Days Left to Mail Entries

Double or Triple your Entries          Double or Triple Your End of sweeps Total


**** Please NOTE:

Any items Purchased or won on e-bay need to be sent directly to me.

I must have an email confirmation from the site showing you have paid for the item and it is being sent to me. 

Send all Entries to:

Laura Gibson
277 Jordan Rd
Sparta TN 38583

(Note: All Entrants must be 18 years of age or older! )

(I ask that No other Sweep Hostess or Host use my idea's without my permission. I work hard on designing and  coming up with new idea for my sweeps and really don't want my ideas on every ones sweeps. So if you see an idea or something on my sweeps that you would like to try in yours, Please ask first!)

( Want to hold a sweeps, but have no idea how to put your sweeps on the web? Then you have found the right person! Email me if you would like to have your sweeps designed and maintained by me. )

Copyright   2003 Laura Gibson    

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Sean's Wishlist CLICK HERE   
Greg's Wishlist CLICK HERE  
Charlie's Wishlist CLICK HERE
My Wishlist CLICK HERE

Jason's Wishlist
Please Note the point values on this wishlist will be as follows: Anything with a 5.00 up to 10.00 Value will be worth 100,000 pts, 10.01 to 20.00 Value is will be worth 500,000, anything 25.00 and up will be worth 1,000,000 pts. If over 30.00 Value email me with you have and we will work out a point value


Sent By Bonus Item Description
    Any Yu-Gi-Oh Toy
    Yu-Gi-Oh Bedding
    Yu-Gi-Oh Curtains
    Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
    Yu-Gi-Oh Poster
    Yu-Gi-Oh Wallpaper Border
    Yu-Gi-Oh Stick Ups for walls
    Yu-Gi-Oh Rug or Pillow
  x2 Remote Control Car (Wireless)
    Knex Set (small)
    Knex Set (Large)
  x2 16" Bicycle
    Bath Robe Size 8/10
    Jeans Boys size 8
  Shirts or Sweatshirts size 8 or 8/10
  Lined Wind pants Size 8
  Sweat pants
  Pajama's Size 8 or 8/10
    Gameboy Color Game (See wish list page or email me with what you have)
    Gameboy Advance (Can be used but must be in like new condition)
    Handheld CD Player
    Boom box or small stereo w/CD player
    Thermal Underwear Size 8/10
    Each Pair Boys Boxers Size 8
Worm Light for Gameboy
    Magnifier for Gameboy
    Karoke machine
    Head phones
    Pokemon Trading Card Game for N64
  x2 Pokemon Ruby or Crystal for Gameboy color
    Neo Pets
    Felt picture you color with Markers (the kit)
 Penny B   Race Car Air Bed 9.98 @ ABCdistributing
Penny B   Yu-Gi-Oh Costume Size 8/10
  x2 Boys size 8/10 Snow Bibs or Snow Pants (x3 if has matching Coat)
    Boys size 8/10 Winter Ski Coat
    Boys size 4.5 SnowBoots
    Kasey the Kinderbot
    Quantum Leap iQuest Handheld
  Pokemon Cards (starter Deck )
  Millenium Eye (Yu-Gi-Oh toy)
  Millenium Ring (Yu-Gi-Oh Toy)
  Dragon Valor Game for PSOne
  Millenium Rod (Yu-Gi-Oh Toy)
  Any Yu-Gi-Oh Movies VHS
  Pokemon Movies VHS
  Light Brite
  Walkie Talkies (x2 if Yu-Gi-Oh)
  Childs Talking alarm clock (x2 if Yu-Gi-Oh)
  N64 Expansion Pack
  Yu-Gi-Oh Game for PSone or Gameboy
  Yu-Gi-Oh shirts
  Yu-Gi-Oh lamp
  Hand Held CD player
  Bad Fur Day Game for N64
  Spiderman Game for N64
  superman game for N64
  Mega Man N64
  DVD player (Can be used ~ has to work)
  Student Desk (x2 if has chair)
  Bookshelf (Any size)
  Chemistry Kit
I got it   Video Now
  Any Disks for Video Now
(any episode)

Scooby Doo
Fairly Odd Parents
Fear Factor
Jimmy Nuetron
Odd Parents
  Video Now headphones
  Video Now light kit
  Video Now Case
  Jogging Suit

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