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Mega Points  
Items on this page will change or be added to weekly! So be sure to keep your eye on this page to earn HUGE points.

Points Item Desctiption
30,000 Box Stove Top Stuffing
65,000 Bottle Finesse Dry Hair Shampoo or Conditioner
50,000 Velveeta Shells and Cheese
150,000 Electric Tart Burner
500,000 Pack of Boys Size 4 shoe Crew socks (No tube socks)
75,000 Single Serve Bottle Sunny Delight
75,000 Bottle Glade Carpet Fresh
65,000 Box Zip Lock or Glad Gallon size bags (no trial size)
450,000 Pair of Men's Thermal Underwear (Size Sm, Large or XL)
250,000 Woman's Size XL T-Shirt (name brand, nike,etc)
45,000 DVD player Cleaner
300,000 Lighthouse shower curtain
75,000 Canister Country Time Lemonade
65,000 Cat or Dog Flea Collar
20,000 Single Subject College rule notebook
20,000 College rule filler paper
10,000 Crayola Markers
10,000 Crayola Colored Pencils
5,000 Pack EZ Grip Bic Pens med point


I will add and remove items from this page as needed.


ooohhh 1,000 pts here


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