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100 Points

 Each M5M 
 Each VS (Virginia slim) UPC 
Basic UPC 
 Each BTFE (box top for education)
 Pampers Point 
Box Colored Pencils New
 Huggies Point 
Luv's Point 
 Each Label for Education
Each Nickle
Each #2 Pencil (x2 if Decorated)
Each Coupon from wishlist
 Each Ploid
Camel Cash

200 Points

E-mail me and ask for NAZ
Each tube of Super Glue 
Each Car Air Freshner 
Per .25 in Postage on Envie or Box
Family Size Lipton Cold Brew Tea Bag 
Each Envelope (x2 if peel and stick) 
5X7 Envie or larger (x3 for Bubble mailer) 
Each SOS or Brillo Pad 
Every 10 Sheets of Printer Paper 
Each BandAid (x2 for box of kids) 
8ct Crayola Crayons (x2 for higher count)
Each Gel Pen 
Each pack Taco Seasoning 
Each Refund form (45 day expiration) 
Each Sheet Stickers 
Each Cent of a Free Coupon (no vegetarian, no B1G1Free & no Expired )(ex. 1.00 = 10,000
Each Single Pack Quaker Instant Oatmeal (x2 for whole Box) New
Each Sample New
Each Ink Pad for Rubberstamping New
Each Refrigerator Magnet (x2 for Apple ) 
Comb NEW
Package Active Dry Yeast

400 Points

Each Complete Current Uncut Coupon Insert Current (can NOT contain any Expired's)
Each New Blank Cassette Tape New
Spices (Garlic salt, dried onions, meat tenderizer, etc.) New
Each Unused 37 stamp(x2 for 5 or more) New
Each single serve Size (reg size) Candy (Candy bars, mints, etc) New
Box Straight Pins New
Each pack of Pop Tarts (single pack) New
Box of Jello or Instant Pudding New
Each Spool of Thread (Cotton) New
Bag of Marshmallows New
Each Wine Tag Coupon Current
Each Flat sheet Boys Birthday Wrapping paper
Any Trial Size Item New
Box Iodized Salt New
Each Deck Playing cards New
Dental Floss (No trial size)

1000 Points

Email me when your sending a Box or Envie N/A
Package of Party Favors New
Each Quarter 
  Pack of 4 - 60 watt Light bulbs New
Set of Water Colors New
Something with your State name on it (No Post Cards) New
Each Single Serve Sun Maid Raisins New
Each Dollar of a Complete Deal Current
Each pack of Hot Chocolate (x2 if with marsh mellows x3 if full box) New
Each Pack of Gum New
Each Zip lock or Hefty gal size Bag (x2 if freezer) New
NIP Toothbrush (adults or kids) New
Can of Pledge New
Each Pack of Kool-Aid New
Each pack Brown or Country Gravy Mix New
Each 30 gal. Trash Bag New
Pack Pokemon Cards New
Pack Yu Gio Cards New
Pack Digimon Cards New
Coloring Book New
Each Purina Weight Circle
Each Pack Sewing Notions (needles, buttons, straight pins, thread, etc)
Each Bic Lighter New
  Fireplace Lighter New
Bottle Eye Glass Cleaner
Eye Glass Screwdriver set
Bottle Visine 
Each Pack of snack crackers

1600 Points

Plastic Bottle Ranch Dressing New
Tally Sheet [If not included you lose 2000 pts]
Box Saltine Crackers New
Box Bendable Straws
  Jar Marshmallow Cream New
Box Calgon (Generic is ok ) New
Bottle Liquid Hand Soap New
64ct Crayons New
Each Spiral Notebook (College Rule) New
Each New Roll of Scotch Tape New
Bottle Armour All New
Each 2pk of Wisk laundry soap (or any brand) New
Each Dishwasher Tablet New
Can or Pouch of Tuna in Water New
Box Vanilla Wafers
Each bag Microwave Popcorn [butter flavor] New
Each 3 way Light bulb New
Each Fresh Step Paw Point
Cat Toy New
Deck Uno Cards New
Deck Rook Cards New
Pair Hair Cutting Scissors New
Each pack Roman Noodles
 Each Juice in Box for school lunch
Each bag Cat or Dog Treats

2000 Points

Each 1.00 in Cigarette Coupons [x3 for Marlboro No Expired]
Email me your tally in addition to adding a tally to your Envie or Box
Each Box or Bottle Kids Bubble Bath
Can of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi New
 Box of Cake Mix New
Tub of Frosting New
Box of Graham Crackers
Each Dishcloth (x2 if Apple) New
Each Wash Cloth (x2 if Hunter Green or Lighthouses) New
xEach Can Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup New
Each Roll of Bubble Wrap New
Full Size Any Deodorant (men's or Women's)
Pack Construction paper New
Box Q-tips New
Box Junior tylenol (Generic Ok) New
Box Kraft Mac & Cheese New
Bottle BBQ sauce New
Can Corn, Green Beans or Peas (x2 if Name Brand) New
Pack of 2 AA or AAA Batteries (x2 if pack of 4 x3 if Duracell) New
Each Blank New CD-RW New
Bag Whiskas Dry Cat Food (any size) New
Can Pringles New
Scented Candle (jar candle)
Carousel Horse Figure (x2 for Large) Either
Taper Candle (x2 for Burgandy or Hunter Green)
Bottle Soy Sauce
Bottle Liquid Smoke
Yankee Tart (No maple scents)
Each Pack Post It Notes
Shower to Shower Powder
Box Band Aides
Bottle Body Wash (x2 if Bath & Body Works)
Bottle Flea Shampoo for dogs

5000 Points

Each 1.00 of a Gas Card New
Entering Sweeps
Each 1.00 Cash
35MM Film (x2 for Kodak) New
Can Beef Stew New
Lipton Noodle or Rice and Sauce New
Bottle Equate Pm (Wal-Mart 2.96) New
Each Can or bottle of Mousse, or Gel (full Size) New
Can Planters Salted Cashews New
Pack of 3 Hair Scrunchies New
Can Spaghetti O's (x2 with meatballs) New
Bottle Syrup (please put in Plastic bag incase it leaks) (x2 if Mrs Buttersworth or Log Cabin)
Can Chef Boy ar Dee Ravioli New
Box Tissue (x2 if Puffs Plus) New
Box SOS or Brillo Pads New
Bottle Dish Soap (x2 for Apple scent) New
Styrofoam Plates (1.00 at Dollar Store) New
Box PopTarts (x2 if Strawberry) New
Bottle Nyquil (generic brand fine) New
Bottle Formula 44D New
Jar Pomade for hair New
Jar Strawberry Jam or Preserves

Each Box Dryer Sheets (x2 for Snuggles or Downey) New
Bottle Leave in Conditioner
Bottle Skin so Soft (Avon)

10,000 Points

Each Pack Toilet paper (x2 for Cottonelle) New
Each Roll Paper Towels New
Kids Suave Shampoo New 
Wizard Oil Refill New
Box Kraft or Velvetta Shells and Cheese New
Box of Pasta New
Full Size Toothpaste New
Can Hair Spray (x2 for Aussie) New
Silver Dollar N/A
Bottle Pine Sol New
Box Stuffing Mix (No cornbread) New
Box Brownie Mix New
Box Snack Cakes (x2 if Hostess) New
Box Cereal (x2 for kids) New
Each Bar of Soap (x2 if Irish Spring) New
Box Augratin or Scalloped Potatoes New
Each Candle Holder (Glass or Decorative) New
Men's Old Spice or Axe Body Spray
Any Unpainted Ceramic Figure NEW
Scrap booking Item (scissors, Double sided tape, Non acid sticker Sheets, etc.)
Each Navy blue, Red or White Hand Towel
Each Lunchable  (x2 if has Drink)
Bag Chocolate Chips
Each Stocking Stuffer for Boy or Girl
Counted Cross Stitch Kit
Each Blank VHS tape
Each Cat or Dog Flea Collar
Box Gallon size Baggies (glad or ziplock)
Multi Pack Gel Pens or Mechanical Pencils
Box Hot Chocolate (x2 if has marsh mallows)
Something Pillsburry Doughboy (no pts)

20,000 Points

Each 1.00 in Gift Certificate from wish list
Hostess Gift - Something for me New
Pack Oreo or Chips Ahoy Cookies (full size) New
Box Easy Mac New
Homestyle Bakes (x2 Ham and Hashbrown)
Box Ragu Express New
Box Tuna Helper (Creamy Pasta ONLY) New
Box Hamburger Helper (x3 for Oriental Rice ) New
Bottle Tylenol PM or Arthritis New
Roll Clear packing Tape New
Jar Peanut Butter (x2 for Creamy Jiff) New
Reynolds Aluminum Foil New
Size 8 Boys winter Clothes (x2 if New) Either
Tube Topol Toothpaste New
Shampoo for Dry Hair or Oily Hair-Full Size New
Bottle Tylenol 24ct or higher
Bottles Conditioner For Dry Hair-Full Size New
Bottle Head and Shoulders New
  Each Priority Stamp for postage (3.85 and Up) New
Clorox Cleanup Wipes
Bottle Nail Polish New
Women's Sweat pants or Lined Wind Pants size Large Either
Men's Sweat Pants Size Large Either
Bath Sheet NEW
Crock pot Recipe Book
Bread machine Cook Book
Pack Advantage or Frontline Flea treatment for Med size dogs or Cat
Each Navy blue, Red or White Bath Towel
Tart Burner ( x2 for Electric)
Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion
Each Box set of Stationary
Small TY Beanie Baby
Women's Size Large Pajama Pants 
Men's Size Med or Large Pajama Pants
Box Velveeta Cheese (reg or mexican) 
Spool Crotchet Thread (any color)
Something Dolphin

50,000 Points

Disposable Camera New
Each Large Bag Doritos (reg or Ranch)
Twin Sheets (x2 if Set x3 if character set) New
VHS - Fairly New see wish list or email me with what you have ( I have some listed on the Wishlist) Either
Something Birdhouse for my Bathroom (make it worth the points please)
Home Interior Jar Candle (x2 for Baked Apple) New
Size Large or XXL Men's T-Shirts (x2 if New) Either
Snuggles or Downy Liquid Refill New
ANY CD from wish list
Acne Facial Cloths (stridex, clearasil, etc) New
Yankee Jar Candle New
Each Pack of Marlboro or Marlboro Medium [x10 if Carton, so carton would be worth 5,000,000 (these are 14.95 at ) New
Any Full Size Make Up (x2 for Max Factor Pan Stick in Creamy Beige) New
Artificial Plant Either
Bed Pillow (x2 for Queen or King Size) New
Women's or Mens Sweatshirt size XXL New
Hair straightening Iron (has to be a ceramic iron)NEW
Hair Dryer NEW
Scrapbook NEW
Pair Boys size 4 House shoes NEW
Boy's Yu-Gi-Oh watch (no plastic)
Bottle Scope Mouthwash
Each Collector's Knife
Blonde Highlighten Kit
Box Rid X
Photo Album Full size
Gag Gift for Adult man or woman
Roto Cutter (these are found in the crafts department)

100,000 points

 DVD - See Wish list or email me with what you have Either
Gameboy color Game [Any] Gently Used
N64 Game [Any] Gently Used
Dreamcast Game [Any] Gently Used
Oak or Cherry look 8X10 Frame with Glass New
Pack Men's Ankle or Crew Socks (No tube socks) Size 9-11 New
Pack of Men's Boxers (size Small, Med or Large) New
Pack Boys Ankle or Crew Socks (No Tube Socks) for shoe size 3 New
Pack Women's Ankle Socks New
Floral Swag (No Orange colors) Either
Women's Size XL and 1X Shirts
Scrapbook Starter Kit
Cat scratching Post
Pair Men's House shoes size 10 1/2 or 11
Pair Men's or Women's Winter Gloves
Large Ty Beanie Baby
Women's Watch w/ leather or stretch band (water proof)
Each Pack Rechargeable Batteries (AAA, AA, C)
Any Dr Phil Book (don't need Self Matters)
Pair Women's House shoes size 8
 Anything Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea scent
Computer Mic Headset
Computer Speakers
Craft Kit for Child (such as Beads to make necklaces, Key chain making kit, etc)
Box Maloxx Quick Disolve tablets (Cherry ONLY)

200,000 points

White Lace Mantle Scarf New
Wood Bathroom Acc. Kit (towel bar, Toilet tissue holder, soap dish) New Or Like New
Any Antique Item (please make it worth the points)
 Women's Name brand Perfume FULL SIZE (x2 for Halston, Obsession or Georgio) New
 Each Set Navy blue, Red, White or Burgandy Bathroom Rugs
Each New Unwrapped Gift for 8,16 or 17 Year old Boy (10.00 value or more)
Each New Unwrapped Gift for Adult Woman's (10.00 Value or more)
Each New Unwrapped Adult Man's Gift (10.00 Value or More)
Men's Gold or Silver Watch w/Adjustable Band (water proof)
Non Stick Frying Pan (x2 if Calphalon or T-Fal)
Non Stick Muffin Pan (x2 if Calphalon or T-Fal)
Men's or Women's Lined Windpants size Large
Something Wolf or Eagle 
Barbie Doll (x2 if has accessories) New
Each Set White Sheer Curtains (need 3 sets much all match)"long"

300,000 Points

Size 8 or 18 Boys PJ's or Robe New
New set of Metal Skateboard Trucks (the wheels go on these) New
Size 4 Boys Shoes (x2 for Nike, addidas, vans,etc) NEW
Women's Size 18 Levi's, Lee Carpenter style or Tommy Jeans ( pants) Either
Men's Size 38x30 or 32x32 Jeans Either
Deer Figure (no small dollar store ones) (x2 for home Interior) Either
Tupperware Item (10.00 Value or more no gadgets, no Little bitty bowls, See Internet page) New
Boys Size 8 or 18 Pants Either
Weather Radio (If used must work like new) Either
Any OXO item (amazon has these)

400,000 Points

Table Top Center Piece (Burgandy and Hunter Green) Either
6 Mo. Refund Express Subscription (will add points when I receive confirmations) (only need one so let me know if you are getting this) N/A
6 Mo. Refunding makes Cents renewel Subscription (will add points when I receive confirmation) 
Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens
Subscription to Nickelodeon Magazine
 Set of All Stainless Silverware (no plastic handles) New
Set of two Home Interior Wall Sconces or Shelves Either
Box of Foodsaver Sealer Bags (must be this brand, they sell them at Wal-Mart) New
Battery Charger (New)
Strobe Light

1,000,000 Points

New Home Interior Deer Picture 
Lexmark Z12 Color or Black Ink Cartridge (Black Cartridge 17G0050 x 2 for Color Cartridge 17G0060) New
Boys Snow Boots Size 4.5 
Hearth Rug (goes in front of fireplace)
Electric Can Opener (black)
Wizard & Dragon Figure (Med or Large)
Trapper Keeper (
only need 2 so let me know if your getting this) New
Purse New (X2 if Tommy Hilfiger X5 if has matching Tommy wallet, x3 if any other brand and has matching wallet)
Bratz Doll New
Set Queen size Sheets (hunter green,burgandy,off white,gold) 200ct or higher
Set Grey High Back Bucket Seat covers (Car)
Twin size flannel sheet set (used ok ~ Must be in good condition)

2,000,000 Points

Hand Held CD Player
100 pack of Blank CD-R's
Per60 minutes/units TracFone Prepaid Card UNUSED not expired
Any Gold Jewlery (Must be real ~ Men's or Women's) Yellow Gold Only
Glass Punch Bowl with Cups and Ladel
Cat Condo
Men's Winter or Work Boots (Sizes: 10 1/2, or 11) New
Humidifier (2 Gal. or larger)
IBM Numeric Keypad (USB hookup)
Zippo Lighter (only need 2 so let me know if your sending this) New
Each Mary Engelbreight Item (no stickers, calendars or Unframed Pictures)
Full Size Floral Comforter (x2 if Bed in a Bag)
Wicker Shelf Basket with Cloth Liner
Pair 5 1/2 or 5 1/4 inch Car speakers
Electric Throw Balnket (used ok ~ must work and have cord)

4,000,000 Points

Coffee Pot with Timer New
Large Throw Pillow (hunter green or burgandy) New
Any Gold Jewlery with Diamond or other Precious Stone ( Must be real Gold and real stone ~ Men's or Women's)
Epson C42UX Injet Printer (Must have Ink cartridges) New (about 20.00 on Ebay )
Each Knex Set (no tiny sets)
Any Thomas Kincade Picture 8x10 or larger (x2 if framed)
Each Power Tool (Saw, Drill, Sander, etc)
Waffle Iron New
Electric Indoor TV Antenna
Air Mattress (Any Size) 

8,000,000 Points

Bean Bag Chair New
Game boy Advance System (must be in Good working condtion) Either
DVD player (can be used but must work Excellent and have remote)(Panasonic ones are CHEAP on ebay)
  Tivo (Can be used) Must work
  Flow bee Hair cutting system (check ebay)
Set of Apple dishes
Laptop Portable Printer (Must have cords and ink)
  Car Stereo w/CD player
Kitchen Aid Mixer (can be used must work~ X4 if has meat grinder attatchment)
Cuisinart Full Size Food Processor (Used ok, must have all blades)
  Electric Blanket any size (x2 if Full x 3 if Queen) (Used ok ~ Must work and have cord)
Desk off Sean's Wish list

50,000,000 Points

Portable Dvd Player (the kind with the screen)
Handheld Color TV
PS 2
  GameCube (Game Systems can be used but need to have controller and MUST work)
17" Computer Monitor  (Can be used but must work)
Rose is sending Thank You X4 Digital Camera (2 Mega Pixels or higher)
Camcorder (Can be used, MUST work)
  DVD-rom for IBM Laptop running Windows XP (x3 if external)
Dorm Room Size Refrigerator (Overstock has these for under 35.00)