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Welcome to my Santa's Coming Sweeps

ONLY 2 Days Left to Mail Entries

Double or Triple your Entries          Double or Triple Your End of sweeps Total


**** Please NOTE:

Any items Purchased or won on e-bay need to be sent directly to me.

I must have an email confirmation from the site showing you have paid for the item and it is being sent to me. 

Send all Entries to:

Laura Gibson
277 Jordan Rd
Sparta TN 38583

(Note: All Entrants must be 18 years of age or older! )

(I ask that No other Sweep Hostess or Host use my idea's without my permission. I work hard on designing and  coming up with new idea for my sweeps and really don't want my ideas on every ones sweeps. So if you see an idea or something on my sweeps that you would like to try in yours, Please ask first!)

( Want to hold a sweeps, but have no idea how to put your sweeps on the web? Then you have found the right person! Email me if you would like to have your sweeps designed and maintained by me. )

Copyright   2003 Laura Gibson    

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Sean's Wish List
lease Note the point values on this wishlist will be as follows: Anything with a 5.00 up to 10.00 Value will be worth 100,000 pts, 10.01 to 20.00 Value is will be worth 500,000, anything 25.00 and up will be worth 1,000,000 pts. If over 30.00 Value email me with you have and we will work out a point value.


Sent By Bonus Item Description
  Men's Size Med Orange county or Westside choppers T-shirt
  Men's Size Med T-Shirt (Nike, addidas, Jnco, etc)
x2 Men's Size Med Button Down shirt
  Men's Size Med Grey or Navy Hoody
  Men's Size Small Boxers
x3 Skateboard from
  Popular Rap CD - NEW
  Stereo head phones
  Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 ~ PS ONE
Kim No longer need Digital Alarm Clock 
  Verizon Wireless Free Up Phone
x2 Friday After Next DVD
  Skateboarding Poster
  Set Skateboard Trucks
  Set Skateboard Wheels
  Role Playing Game for Computer ~ Adult (Must be windows ME comp.)
  Wireless Remote Control Truck
Elizabeth No longer need Diablo II 
  Men's Addidas Cologne
  Speed Stick Sport
  Gas Powered Remote Control Car or Airplane
  Men's Size Med Coveralls
  Men's Size Med Thermal Underwear
  Men's Size 11 Winter or Work Boots
  Men's Size 11 Van's or Airwalks NEW
  Men's Silver Ring (Must be real)
  Men's Silver Necklace (Must be Real)
  Pair small Silver Hoop Earings
x2 Men's watch with adjustable band ~ Must be waterproof
  Large Back Pack
  Trapper Keeper
Penny B No Longer Need Electronic Dart Board
  Beard Trimmer (Rechargeable)
  Self Piercing Ear piercing Kit
  Men's 29x30 or Boys size 20 (Jeans, Carpenter jeans or Kahki's)
x2 Small Computer desk Here's one I found Arch-Leg Desk $39.99
  Electronic Music Keyboard (x2 for Yamaha)
  Jogging Suit (wind suit)
  Any GameCube Game (no sports unless skateboarding) 

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