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All items on this page must be mailed no later than November 18, any items mailed after Nov 18th will not be awarded points and will be considered a donation.

Everything here is now worth 1/2 the points

Points Bonuses Item Condition
2500    Can Corn, Green Beans, Peas, Kidney Beans   New
1000   Pk Brown Gravy Mix   New
2500   Can Turkey Gravy   New
8000   Can Cranberry Sauce (Jellied)   New
8000   Can Yams   New
3500   Bag Marsh Mallows   New
2500   Box Brown Sugar   New
5000   Box Vanilla Instant Pudding   New
5000   Box Chocolate Instant Pudding   New
6000   Box Pillsburry Pie Crust Mix   New
8000   Box Dream Whip   New
7000   Bag Pecans   New
4500   Each pound of Mixed nuts in the shell   New
25,000   Thanksgiving Tablecloth (x2 if Cloth)   Any
15,000   Thanksgiving Cloth Napkins   Any
7000   Pack Napkins   New
7000   Pack Styrofoam plates   New
4000   Bag of Plastic silverware   New
7500   Aluminum baking pan   New
50,000   Thanksgiving dinner table Center piece   Any
50,000   Thanksgiving Door wreath   Any
10,000   Kroger or Wal-Mart Gift Certificate (Each 1.00)   Any
10,000   Free Food Item Coupon   Any
12.000   Thanksgiving Kitchen towel set   New
100,000   Set Tupperware Dessert Cups w/ lids   Any
2,500   Each Ear of Indian Corn or small pumpkin that you decorate with   New
8,000   Each Bag Peperidge Farms Stuffing mix (no cornbread)   New
1,500   Can Oysters   New
1,000   Each Yellow Onion (Please put in baggy)   New
3,000   Bottle McCormicks Sage   New
1,500   Can Black Olives (pitted)   New
2,000   Can Apple Pie Filling   New
100,000   Roasting Pan   New

  Bottle White Cairo Syrup   New


  Each 16ct or larger Kraft Singles (these don't have to be refrigerated if not open)   New

**** Items will be added and removed from this page as needed.


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